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I've just gotten some rather nice mid-high pile rugs, and I'd like to put furniture on them. Having seen the long-term results of furniture standing on carpet — dents that never really come out — I'd like to get feet for the furniture to keep the rug pile from getting crushed.

I'm looking for something like these — I picked up some at Tags to try — but with spikes an inch long. The ones in that package have spikes that are 1/4". Those feet worked better than nothing at all, but a 24-hour test with a table left dents that I expect would not be easily fluffed back out after a long stint of the table just being there.

My own searches for things like this have been particularly frustrating: not one seller or manufacturer I've found specifies spike length. (Additional frustration: many of the sellers give the full dimensions of the package the feet come in, rather than the dimensions of the individual pieces in the package.)

What I want is a manufacturer that made feet like that with spikes an inch long, in a variety of sizes. (Ideally, I'd get one that could handle my dresser, which has feet that are 4" on a side.) Does anyone know of where I could find this sort of thing?
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