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The Affordable Housing Organizing Committee, the Union United Coalition, and the Winter Hill Neighborhood Association are hosting a candidates’ forum in the lead-up to the November municipal election. The questions posed during the forum will focus on issues of affordable housing, development, and displacement in Somerville.

All candidates have been asked to fill out a questionnaire on affordable housing and development without displacement. The questions asked at the forum will be a subset of the questions in the questionnaire. We will publicize the answers online a week before the forum, to allow the greatest possible number of residents the chance to learn about the candidates’ positions on these important community issues.
Hope to see you there!

You can RSVP here

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Sep. 25th, 2017 10:58 am
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Today's art:

Today's list:

Pack and mail up big order
Mail Patreon rewards
Print behavior chart
Call hospital giftshop
Pay bills (Norway's final rites bill came today. OW. In so many ways.)
Write 500 words. 411  600
Amazon removal order
Artist payments/accounts

It was a good weekend, we got some pre-winter things done, and played outside while we could. My next not-a-book is crawling forward, and crossed over 10k words. I want to finish it by the end of October, so I can do the NEXT book (which I am SUPER enthused about) as a NaNoWriMo. I REALLY wanted to get three books written this year. (My last one is still doing okay, too - not actually as well as the last one, but the other two books in the series are doing AMAZING, so my bottom line is really good.)

Guppy alternates between little terror and little angel, still loves Kindergarten, and got all her art supplies put downstairs because she keeps drawing on things she knows she shouldn't. (WHY?!)

Now, a snack and down to words.

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Chapter 47: Abednego
by Lyn Thorne-Alder

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Written to eseme‘s prompt.  This comes after Tangles and Knots, Snarls and Combs. 


There were bits of Tattercoats everywhere.

Sometimes literally: pieces of his coat tended to come off in the strangest places, so that he was always sewing on new bits.  Sometimes figuratively: a book

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What we wear, or used to wear, can be more than colors, patterns, and fabrics. They can be a time capsule, a scrapbook, to our most intimate memories. A dance. A birth. A funeral. All the coming-of-age insanity that defines us. From the mind that created When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle, and based on the book by Ilene Beckerman, five women relive such moments through a series of monologues and ensemble pieces. They laugh and cry as they talk about childhood, high heels, motherhood, wedding dresses, cancer, surviving rape, and why we wear black.​

Bare Bones: Staged Readings at Theatre@First presents

Love, Loss and What I Wore
adapted by Nora & Delia Ephron
from the book by Ilene Beckerman
and directed by Santiago Rivas

Thursday, September 28th at 8pm

6 William Street at College Ave

FREE with suggested donation of $5

No reservations required.
Our performance space is not wheelchair accessible.

For more information, visit
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The original poll was a little too long, so I'm divvying this up into little polls for everyone's sanity.

Stories that WILL be written because I've already started their outlines:
Catbois in Cages
Space Accountant Accidental Marriage

The other winners of the first Poll (At least 2 of these will be written):
Bless the Cat.(AF)
Legacy Cat.(AF)
King(maker) Cake, etc.(AF)

Current Winner of Stranded/Reiassan Poll (feel free to vote if you haven't already!)
Stranded in Winter
Love Meme: Autumn and Ink
Rin and her Mother, and Knowing Where His Place Is
Road Map To....

Poll #18864 Second Poll of the Polling Polls
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 7

Fae Apoc and Tir na Cali: Which of these stories should I continue?

View Answers

Clarisse: Paint it Blue and Paint Me Blue
3 (50.0%)

Bjorn: Uncle and The Uncle’s… Pet?
4 (66.7%)

Matchmaker, Matchmaker (Adg)
0 (0.0%)

Abrelle: Shades and Shifting
1 (16.7%)

Cumhai: A couple helping hands etc
2 (33.3%)

About That… (Adg)
0 (0.0%)

Bracken, her first year, second year, etc.
3 (50.0%)

Deaths in the Faerie apocalypse, a side note (Adg)
1 (16.7%)

They Were Over (Adg)
1 (16.7%)

Together/Again (Adg)
1 (16.7%)

Where It All Began (Adg)
1 (16.7%)

Return to Sender/Old Debts and Old Favors***
2 (33.3%)

The Collar Job, Part VI
1 (16.7%)

Tir na Cali Slave School
2 (33.3%)

I Serve
1 (16.7%)

Hallowing New Ground
0 (0.0%)

Turning, Tables, and Other Things
1 (16.7%)

Little Lost Kitty Girl
2 (33.3%)

What (not on the giant list) should I continue for Vas World, Dragons Next Door, and/or Facets of Dusk?

The Links:

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 This was inspired by the Hidden Almanac, a production of the far-more-talented-than-me Ursula Vernon and Kevin Sonney.  This is not a podcast because I am inspired by, not copying, and no-one needs to hear my recorded voice (including me.)

So, here we go:

Notes from Cabbage Tree Flat

Compiled by K. T. Javenlake

Following this last weekend’s early start to the men’s senior cricket season, the Middle Coast Cricket Association has called on the Afternoon Tea Committees of the Cabbage Tree Flat and Mowana Cricket Clubs to aid a quick and peaceful resolution to the matter of the missing serving platters.  Both Mrs Ethel Coolidge of Mowana, and Mrs Bea Prout of Cabbage Tree Flat are missing a kookaburra-jubilee pattern serving platter used at the afternoon tea provided for the players at the Steve Moon Oval.  Mr George Taylor, on behalf of the Middle Coast Cricket Association, told this correspondent, “No-one wants a repeat of the Tenterfield cake stand incident, and whoever has the plates can return them, no questions asked, to either Club house or the Association’s offices in Trulong.”  The plates remain missing as at the time of publication, and no-one this correspondent has spoken to has suggested who may have taken them.

Uncle Charlie Brent has issued a reminder on behalf of the Garrakool Lands Council that the bunyip breeding season in the Simpson and Trulong River valleys will begin with the storm season in mid-October.  Residents and business owners with buildings within 100 metres of waterways in these two networks, or within 150 metres of the Craic and Mowana wetlands, should check and maintain their security doors and gates before then.  Patrols of the Illawong Creek network will begin in mid-October to ensure that the species does not extend their range in the coming breeding season.  Anyone wishing to volunteer for patrol duty may contact Aunty Rhonda Burgess on Tuesdays or Thursdays at the Land Council’s offices in Trulong.

Mr Stanley and Mrs Wendy Crozier of “Dun Roaning” Horse Stud on Old Trulong Road, Cabbage Tree Flat, are delighted to announce the engagement of their second daughter, Miss Leslie Crozier, to Mr Anthony Beacon, only son of the late Mr Alastair Beacon and Mrs Lisa Goodall.  The happy couple intend to live at the farm in Culpepper Road, Cabbage Tree Flat, that the late Mr Beacon bequeathed to his son.  The groom’s stepfather, Mr Douglas Goodall, is expected to hand over management of the property to his stepson in the leadup to the wedding, which is planned for August next year.

The Middle Coast Group of the Country Women’s Association has announced that their Year Six Study of a Foreign Country Competition for this year will be on Crna Gora.  Projects are due to the administration office of the entrant’s primary school by 10:00am on 6 November 2017, and will be collected by the CWA judging committee’s representatives no later than 3:00pm that day.

The State Police Missing Persons Unit has asked that anyone who saw or spoke to Mr Gary Musgrave or Mr Martin Keen, of Creighton Vale, on or after 22 August of this year contact their local police.  Mr Musgrave and Mr Keen left Creighton Vale on 22 August to travel to Lomax, but neither arrived nor returned home.  Information to hand suggests that they planned the trip believing that the Handley’s Ridge Road through the Simpson State Forest was open to through traffic.  This makes it likely that they were in the vicinity of Cabbage Tree Flat, Lower Simpson, and Matersford on 22 or 23 August.  They were travelling in a green Bridge ute with the black and white number plate YHB-89U.  Neither man is considered dangerous, but fears are held for their safety.

Local citrus growers are warned that orange blossom prices at the Central Flower Markets remain high, and that reports of flower-rustling have been moving south since the blooming season began.  Growers should keep their eyes open for suspicious persons and vehicles, then report the same to Sgt Warwick James of the Rural Crime Division at the Trulong Police Station.  Sgt James has pointed out to this correspondent that various forms of personal retribution taken against flower rustlers and poachers in the past have destroyed or contaminated evidence that may have made court convictions obtainable.

Mr Craig Jobben has hired the Cabbage Tree Flat Public Hall for the evening of 30 September 2017 when he is holding a public meeting to discuss the reorganisation of Mortland Shire back into its pre-1948 components of Trulong and Winston Shires.  Doors open at 7:30pm.  Supper, tea and coffee will be available for a gold coin donation.

This week’s closing question comes from Miss Evelyn Bennett who asks, “Who used the cemetery at the western end of Cooranbong Road, and why was it abandoned before it was full?”  My inquiries have revealed that the Cooranbong Road Cemetery was attached to the Chapel of the Reformed Congregation of St Joseph.  No information was available on what they reformed from, but their leader from the time they arrived to take over the old Wyndotte property in western Cabbage Tree Flat in 1897, was the charismatic Reverend Alan Yates.  The community appears to have operated like a commune or a kibbutz with the property held communally, and it seems to have flourished until World War I.  Two of the Reverend Yates’ three sons died in the trenches, and many of the survivors from the community chose not to return.  Despite this setback, they continued on to Reverend Yates’ death in 1927 when his surviving son took over the leadership as Reverend Hubert Yates.  Matters seemed to be going well, but Reverend Hubert disappeared from the community on the night of 24 May 1931.  On investigation, he had emptied the community’s bank account the afternoon before he left.  The death blow, however, was that the community’s land had been secretly mortgaged to pay his personal gambling debts and foreclosure was imminent.  The community subsequently dispersed, the chapel was dismantled in 1936 and moved to Lower Simpson for use by the Methodist congregation, but the cemetery remains.

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[We interrupt the previously scheduled rant for another rant.]

At some point, if you are so lucky, you will be old. You may already be old. Somebody you love may already be old. Old people, being people, require medical care, and are often treated – because this is basically what primary care in our society consists of – with medications.

Thing is, old bodies handle medicine differently than young ones.

Take the liver... [3,340 Words] )

This post brought to you by the 137 readers who funded my writing it – thank you all so much! You can see who they are at my Patreon page. If you're not one of them, and would be willing to chip in so I can write more things like this, please do so there.

Please leave comments on the Comment Catcher comment, instead of the main body of the post – unless you are commenting to get a copy of the post sent to you in email through the notification system, then go ahead and comment on it directly. Thanks!
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Nineteen: Evil and Escape

“For people who know about this thing—” the Diamond Raven warned.

“For people to know about it is truth!  Is all of us who rotted for the Tzar laid to rest!  Is everything that went wrong put better!”  The deserter was foaming at the mouth.  Raizel took a step back.  He only spoke louder.  “This is the thing that makes it all better!  Do you understand?  This is the truth that I deserted for!”

“But what is it?” Raizel asked for the third time.

It is a spell so dark your eyes cannot comprehend it.  It is a spell so nasty that your mind will shy from it.  It says that the Tzar who won the Seventh War did so with the darkest of magics.  It says that he bled his own people’s souls to do so, and did so knowingly.  It may shake the foundations of your world.  It may change everything.  It may change nothing, save that people will know exactly how far their Tzars will go to hold on to this Empire.

read on…
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Monday, September 25, 6-8 p.m.

Tufts Administration Building (TAB), 167 Holland Street, Senior Center, 2nd Floor

Join the City Planning Department for a special update and discussion on the Davis Square Neighborhood Plan. We’re excited to present this meeting with the help of a facilitator who specializes in a meeting format designed to give participants control of the discussion topics. First, city staff will offer an update on the plan started in 2013/14 as well as a look at next steps. Then, to address outstanding topics and ensure that any new ideas and goals are identified, our facilitator will use the Round Robin meeting format, which asks participants to bring up topics for small-group discussions. In short, participants will set the agenda for the night and also shape topics for the next meeting.

At the second meeting in this series on October 19 (at the Community Baptist Church, 31 College Ave. 6-8 p.m.), we’ll take a deeper dive into the community-selected topics and identify action steps to address the goals and needs related to each. City staff will bring in resources and experts on the topic areas selected in the first meeting to serve as a resource during discussions.

Whether your concerns are open space, traffic, parking, streetscape, bicycle infrastructure, housing or more, we hope you’ll join us.

Unfortunately we cannot monitor this page, so if have any questions or need any more information, please contact us at

For more information about Davis Square Neighborhood Planning visit

To Hell in a Handbasket

Sep. 21st, 2017 06:37 pm
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It was a very nice basket, Yeri had to admit.

It was pretty, well-woven, and tidy, and it was just large enough that he could fit in it.  Not particularly a hand-basket, if you were really going to think about the term as such.

Then again, most baskets were not man-sized, most baskets did not have lids, and most of them did not have wheels. 

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Chapter 46: Arnbjörg
by Lyn Thorne-Alder

She was trying, she really was.  

She wasn’t trying, perhaps, as hard as she ought to or as often as she ought to, but Arnbjörg was trying hard to accept this place.  It was just...

“It’s so fucked up.”  She threw up her hands.

“What?”  Jaya turned to look at her. They were studying together on their bed, Jaye’s head on Arnbjörg’s shoulder.  They hadn’t been talking at all; Arnbjörg had been glaring at her textbook and attempting to focus.

“This school.  Everything about it.  Babies.”

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I have a new toy! I mean tool. I have a new tool!

Yesterday, I took it out on the town with me and I managed to go to the gym*, write 1200 words on my not-a-book, colorize a portrait, answer emails, go shopping*, and cook a roast.*

(*These items may or may not have been facilitated by the new toy tool.)

I flamed out badly on digital painting once before, but this is a whole new level of comfort and portability (my biggest prior complaint was that the separate tablet took a lot of setup and a big work surface, plus I was tethered to my computer...).

I am on a mission! I want to make my Apple Pencil viable, and I need some practice with it. I also want to whittle down my Portrait Adoption gallery a bit. SO! I am offering the DEAL OF A LIFETIME. I will color anything in my gallery - at NO EXTRA COST. That means, you could get a portrait colored to be your character for as little as $5. I'll even make minor tweaks at that time. (Very minor!) Use the site to 'request customization.'

$0 / $99.00 0% done!

In other news, we had a windy night, and now it looks like impending winter. Eep.

I will leave you with a list.

~Add a Torn World character
~Answer 10 emails
~Post something at Torn World
~Pizza dough.
~Clean off livingroom table
~2 loads of water - 1 down
~cook sausage
~500 words - 400. 
~Finish Patreon physical rewards (oh man, they are awesome! And there's still barely time to get them!)
~Coloring book bulk order

Groups vs systems

Sep. 20th, 2017 10:13 am
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I am so very tired of the narrative of "We shouldn't condemn a whole group because of some bad individuals. There are good people and bad people in that group."

Here's the thing: there's a difference between a group of people and a system of people. The difference is that a system of people comprises not only the individuals, but also the social constructs that guide the behavior of those individuals... in other words, the system itself.

For example, a company isn't just a bunch of people who coincidentally happen to work on the same projects in distributed ways. A school system isn't a bunch of teachers and administrators who independently happen to work the same way. A police precinct isn't a bunch of officers who just happen to follow the same rules.

In each of these cases there are policies and guidelines and hierarchies and informal structures and so forth that shape behavior. There's a system.

And when we praise or condemn the public school system, or the police, or Microsoft, or etc. we mostly aren't praising or condemning a whole group because of some good or bad individuals. I mean, sure, those individuals exist, but they aren't the reason. We are praising/condemning a whole group because of the system that organizes it. And the larger the system we're talking about, the more true that is: when we say that democracies are more just than totalitarian states, or that capitalism is more efficient than communism, or that communism is more humane than capitalism, or various other claims along those lines, we're basically not saying anything at all about any individual.

Or at least, that's how it should be. I mean, sure, sometimes we praise or condemn a group of people just because we're applying aggregate-level stereotypes to all the individuals in that group. And in those cases the "We shouldn't condemn a whole group because of some bad individuals. There are good people and bad people in that group." narrative makes sense: we really shouldn't! Or at least, we're overwhelmingly likely to be mistaken when we do; we can draw our own ethical conclusions from there.

(I am reminded now of a friendship I broke some time back by expressing both the idea that condemning individuals because of their group affiliations is bad, and the idea that analyzing the common behaviors of individuals is the only way we can identify pathological systems, in ways that struck them as infuriatingly and relationship-endingly hypocritical.)

And sure, sometimes we make analysis errors in this space. Sometimes there's a system operating we're unaware of. Sometimes we infer the presence of systems that don't actually operate, or aren't relevant to what we're talking about. It's easy to talk about the behavior of people while ignoring the systems that shape us, and it's easy to handwave about notional systems without actually making any concrete or testable claims about whether they exist.

I'm not saying I expect us to be perfectly accurate when we describe groups and systems. But I want us to be better about acknowledging that they are two different things.

When someone condemns racism as a systemic attribute of a society, for example, there are folks who reply that no, racism is a property of individuals, end-of-story.

And in principle that can be a legitimate disagreement; if someone wants to argue that there really aren't any social systems underlying/guiding/constraining/coordinating the racist behavior of individuals, for example, that's a totally relevant argument. (Mind you, I think it's obviously false, but that's another matter.)

But usually they aren't arguing that; rather, they are simply insisting that we can only talk about individuals, because when we say that racism is also demonstrated through the systems that essentially all white people in this country participate in, we're talking about a whole group, and (all together now) "we shouldn't condemn a whole group because of some bad individuals. There are good people and bad people in that group."

And I don't know how to say all of this, or any of it, in ways that are at all useful within the conversation itself. And I watch other people trying to do it, and not getting very far either.

And I understand that often that's because other people just don't want to hear it, and in general I don't believe that there's a way to say everything that will be accepted by the person I'm talking to and that it's my job to find it. But still, I try to express myself clearly and compellingly.

So, anyway. I am so very tired of the narrative of "We shouldn't condemn a whole group because of some bad individuals. There are good people and bad people in that group."
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First: Slaves, School
Previous:  Seeing Things


Desmond was exhausted.  He dragged himself from dinner to the dormitory with hardly a thought other than finding his bed and becoming as horizontal as possible in it.

::We have homework,:: the collar reminded him.  ::And it will not be

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Chapter 45: Leofric
by Inspector Caracal

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

"Why is he fighting?"

"Heck if I know!"

"Leo, Leo, it's okay."

That voice, it was... "Zita?" Leofric blinked and looked around. Zita was standing in front of him, and he was in... a suite. A suite he didn't recognize. "Where are we?"

"We're in Sheba's suite. Howard's here, too. We rescued you."

read on...
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